What made me decide to open this shop for Mercedes classic cars?

My name is Andreas Wörner, I was born on August 23, 1966 in Stuttgart/Germany and I am a master bodybuilder by profession. In 2004 I turned my hobby into my job and I was passionate about restoring vintage cars.

I have restored Simca 1100, BMW 321, BMW 502 Barockengel, Volvo PV210 Duett, Jaguar E-Type, Triumph Spitfire, Alfa Romeo Giulia, VW Beetle and many other classic cars. I was particularly impressed by the Mercedes-Benz brand. Models such as the W108 S-Class, W110 small tail fin, W111 convertible, W113 Pagoda, W115 the straight eight, R107 and also the W123 were among my restoration projects.

The supply of spare parts was first class. Unfortunately, new parts have meanwhile become rare and expensive. I have been living near Istanbul in Turkey for almost a year. And this is exactly where I start my old passion for Mercedes classic cars with the supply of spare parts.

Just an example of what Turkey has to offer. At that time I needed a trim set for a stick eight. Original priceless or even utopian, I ordered a set online from Turkey for only a third of the original price. Quality??? When the last set arrived, I was amazed by the high quality, indistinguishable from the original! And that is my mission now.

I would like to offer my customers spare parts for their Mercedes-Benz classic cars, for a perfect restoration. These reproductions are of high quality that convinces!

My Old Garage

My Old Garage